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A new concept in pain control and management.

Pain has many causes. And just as many treatment options. For patients, simply getting the correct diagnosis and choosing the best treatment can be a long and frustrating process. Especially when they have to do it on their own. Relievus has a better idea.

The finest specialists. All under one name.

By bringing together the most respected, board-certified pain specialist physicians, neurologists, and physiatrists into a single, coordinated practice, Relievus helps take the confusion out of pain treatment and management.

All focused on you.

Here, your care is in the hands of not just a single specialist, but an entire multi-disciplinary team, with today’s most advanced technology at their fingertips. At Relievus, all our combined skills and experience are focused on assuring the most accurate diagnosis, most effective treatment, and most positive outcome for each patient.

Your relief starts when you walk in.

All our specially trained staff understands pain. When you arrive our receptionists, nurse practitioners and doctors will greet you with a supportive attitude so that your entire experience with us is as positive and as comfortable as possible. That’s all part of having a well-managed and caring practice.

You’re not alone.

In a recent study of Americans who experience back pain, head trauma, migraines, and other issues, 59% of respondents said that their pain had an effect on their quality of life, and 51% felt they had little or no control over it.

Relief can be in sight.

If you suffer from chronic or constant pain, we urge you to contact us for a consultation. And let us show you how our unique approach to pain management and control may provide the answers you’ve been looking for. We are here for you and have offices across NJ and PA, including Cherry Hill, and Philadelphia.

For an appointment, call us at 888-985-ASAP (2727).
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