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By bringing together the most respected, board-certified pain specialist physicians, neurologists, and physiatrists into a single, coordinated practice, Relievus helps take the confusion out of pain treatment and management.

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About PRP Treatment

Using the body's own elements of natural regeneration certainly has an advantage in healing an injury, which is exactly the mechanism used when performing platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections. The natural response of the body to an injury is to incite an inflammatory response to attract certain healing elements to the site of injury through the blood vessel system. The platelets in our blood are one of the integral elements used in this healing process.


One of the main benefits is that the patient's own blood is used, making it safe, cost effective, and without side effects.


Platelet Rich Plasma is the basis of all PRP therapies


It may also be used after surgical procedures to assist in the healing process in areas of poor blood supply.

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